22.09. 3. ZWICK BANDSTAND mit

22.09. 3. ZWICK BANDSTAND mit "LONG LINE DOWN" - The EP Release Show Case!

Auch für den 3. ZWICK Bandstand haben wir wieder etwas ganz besonderes für EUCH bei uns im ZWICK!

"LONG LINE DOWN" - The EP Release Show Case!

Short Biografie:

LONG LINE DOWN - A dynamic duo from Denmark that brings an original and refreshing combination of downhome blues & old school Rock. In spite of their minimalistic setup, LONG LINE DOWN manages to bring forth a huge and raw sound. Their sound is a combination of blues and rock, gathering inspiration from artists such as Black Keys, White Stripes and Royal Blood - however the band incorporates a more nuanced and rhythmic feel, leading thoughts to genres such as Americana and Balkan. The duo consists of Anders Holm, delivering a raw and powerful vocal as well as creating a solid and hard-hitting groove on his minimalistic kit. Martin Christensen backs him up with confident and playful guitar-playing and together they manage to create a unique match and setup that combines their raw and energetic attitude with authentic and deeply felt fervor. Since the beginning, LLD has worked hard on their music, recording their first EP in the spring of 2014. Immediately after the recordings finished, the band tread their first ground on the local stages and has since then been performing nationwide on a regular basis and toured widely in Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Norway and Greenland. After numerous concerts, LLD took a break from touring to focus on writing and recording new material. Which lead to 13 songs recorded at Mørkværk Studios.

About EP:

5 songs will be featered on the new EP "Generic", to be released the 21. September
Characterized by both the prominent drums and vocals of Anders Holm, and the gritty guitar- playing of Martin Christensen. This two-piece band is truly a 'in your face' experience with captivating songs.

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Mit diesem Konzert setzen wir unsere neue und unregelmässige Reihe von BANDSTANDS bei uns im ZWICK St. Pauli fort! Wir wollen Euch Musiker und Bands der verschiedensten Genres präsentieren! Der Eintritt bei dieser Veranstaltung ist FREI! 
Gerne weisen wir darauf hin, daß sich die Musikerkollegen immer sehr über ein kleines "Trinkgeld" der geneigten Zuhörer freuen! Natürlich nur, wenn es Euch gefällt! Wir freuen uns auf EUREN Besuch bei uns!

Wir freuen uns sehr auf diesen Abend mit dem Künstler und natürlich mit EUCH!